copenhagen, electric cargo bike, from Am Ladcykler in Denmark.
These high-end bicycles are produced in the largest factory in Denmark. The parts are from the best Producers in the world, Shimano Gear, Promax Disk Brakes and a Dapu engine. Designed and collected in a factory in Denmark, where everyone is “nerds” and passionate about cycling. And remember Copenhagen is probably the world’s bicycle town nr 1, so we know something about how a quality bike should be. This model is of top quality. It is made for short and long trips, but you can also enjoy your puncture-free tires on roads with gravel or through the urban environment, even if it’s not swept. This Cargo bike is extremely easy to learn to drive. A couple of good trips and you feel you’ve been driving a cargo bike all your life. This is a top model, we have also chosen the ultimate disc braking system. Our passion for cargo bikes means that with this model we put our soul in this project to make the bikes’ final touch perfect. With special hydraulic disc brakes, someone would say that it might be too good for a bike, but we do not agree! The system feels like butter when pushing to slow down.

copenhagen – The Ultimate Cargobike from Scandinavian Way of Moving

If you want a very high-quality cargo bike – copenhagen – is the right choice. We never compromise on quality and our cargo bikes must always be maintained and in great quality, but with this model, we have paid particular attention to the quality of the individual components on the bike. This means that we have chosen materials that allow the bike to have extra years to live without you having to maintain the parts yourself.

This electric cargo bike is a high end product for you who want a sturdy and stable cargo bike with extra good quality. We want to make it easier for you, who may not be a handyman to avoid some of the ongoing maintenance visits at the bicycle dealer. It must be safe, easy and stable for you to ride your cargo bike, both when driving in the city and on the country roads. The electric cargo bike is resilient and adapted to “Raincouver”, it can accompany the long trips or short trips. For example, if you go to the daycare, to the supermarket or to the bakery, you will quickly love your bike for its simplicity and its comfort. You get a lightweight electric cargo bike that makes it a daily pleasure to drive around in traffic. It easily manages the sharp corners and even for a beginner, you will quickly get great pleasure from your bicycle. The electrical system is extremely user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to learn.

Minimum Maintenance
As mentioned above, with copenhagen, electric cargobike, version Premium, we have customed the model for you who do not want a great maintenance. We have done it by adding powerful disc brakes in the front of the electric cargobike. In future, it will ensure you low maintenance and some good brakes, without a visit to the bicycle dealers, before after a lot of kilometres. The Shimano gearbox ensures an always easy and fast acceleration even if you do not drive with the electric motor on. Shimano is specially selected and known for their high quality and helps ensure that we can always deliver good quality to our customers. Our pride is also featured in the state-of-the-art 250W Dapu engine 9-pin. The model is the latest shot of quality engines from Dapu for electric cargobikes. The engine assures you a good acceleration, which our customers are very pleased with, as good acceleration is strange to have when you make an overhaul. In addition, it is an extremely quiet engine, which at the same time has a very high efficiency compared with battery consumption. The safety has also been one of our top-focuses when we designed the electric cargobike. The electric cargobike has several features with safety references. There are, for example, anti-tipped stop blocks, slip-resistant bottom plate, parking brakes, 3 double braking systems, climbing hinges for when children are going into the cargobike and more. In addition, of course, there are plenty of accessories and equipment so that you will just need an insurance-approved lock, like a chain lock. As with all our models, the electric cargobike has all approvals in order and the electrical system has CE approvals, so you can always feel safe.

copenhagen is Danish Quality
Someone calls us professionals and others calling us “nerds”. Granted. We have been working a lot of years with bikes. Our company has roots back to 92 ‘and yes we are not quite young anymore. With the expertise we have, you get in our Danish designed and Danish complete bicycles. We are stubborn about changing our models so that we always offer what we think is the best electric cargobike for the price. The electric cargobike Deluxe model is made for you according to customers input and wishes. Our charging bikes are completely “fresh”. We first collect your electric cargobike when we have your order. This is your guarantee that you will get a brand-new bicycle that is checked in all leads and edges to ensure you the best quality.